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Throughout my life I have struggled to share my vulnerability as I was raised to think of it as a weakness. I want to explore that aversion, the FEAR and rejection of intimacy. Having myself to be the only one I can confide in and finding true solace in my company. To be able to view it from another perspective and to give a glimpse into an unknown territory.

As well as adding in aspects from my own culture which rectify the FEAR and aversion I want to convey. Such as the snake that strikes out of fear for predators.

Or the cultural masks that we use to chase away evil spirits.

Why do are we reluctant to share a part of ourselves with others?

How are we able to be present with ourselves

Is it a fear of judgment or rejection?

How do we create a barrier to keep others away from knowing our inner-selves?

How do we create those intimate moments with only the self as our company?

Process Book Spec final small_Page_06.jpg

photography by Shaina Suri

talent: Eli Anderson- Song / Kaitlyn Zhang

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