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In September of 2022, I had the amazing opportunity to speak at the Teen Vogue Summit as one of the winners for their Generation Next 2022 competition.

Upon being announced one of six winners, I was tasked with creating a garments out of Legos. It was a material I had never even thought about using and I did have some hesitations about the whole project but it was a challenge that I was interested in tackling. Through getting to know my materials, experimentation and many creative bursts, I created my first Lego based outfit.

It was incredible being part of something extraordinary. I traveled to LA for the first time, I was able to share my passions and beliefs as a designer to an audience that is also passionate about the industry, created connections and made remarkable friends in the process.

Having the support of my family and friends was a huge encouragement so a huge thank you to them. And a very special thank you to my photographer Shaina Suri and model Natalie Dezelsky.

. . ."Being a South African-born Zimbabwean, I have found conflict within myself and others who straddle two or more nationalities. I've realized my generation is close to losing that connection to our cultural heritage. And I am eager to find a way to build that connection again. I do this by bringing in traditional and sustainable techniques such as manually hand-dyeing. . ." 

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photography by Shaina Suri 

talent: Tasha Dezelsky

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